What are the Required Documents in Road Transport?

Road transport can be called the transport of desired products and goods over the road. All transported products should be transported to different transportation routes such as sea and rail, and transportation should be carried out only by road. Transferring in road transport causes a change in the type of transport. Making arrangements according to the road laws of the country where the transportation is made will also prevent the problems that may be encountered on the route.

Required Documents in Road Transport

Land transportation can be defined as the transportation of desired products and goods over the road. All transported goods must be transported to different transport routes such as sea and railway, and the transport must be carried out only by road. Transshipment in road transport causes the type of transport to change. Making regulations according to the highway laws of the country where the transportation is made will also help to overcome the problems that may be encountered on the route.

What are the Advantages of Road Transport?

One of the great advantages of road transportation is that the products belonging to different companies can be used in the same vehicle; It is to be transported inside. In other transportation methods, companies are required to purchase an area specified for transportation and carry out the transportation by using this area as a warehouse. However, vehicle in road transport; Instead of filling it completely, it's just the need; Using as much space as needed is the biggest advantage of transportation.

All goods transported in road transport are secured by the agreement between the shipping company and the logistics company that carries out the transport. Thanks to transportation insurance and similar protections, situations such as loss or damage to transported goods are avoided. In addition, with the developing technology, it is also possible to know the instant location of all transportation vehicles and therefore the goods.

As in other international transfer types in road transport, certain documents must be filled and information on both the product and the sender and receiver company must be given. Well, what are the road transport documents and how should the documents be filled?

Road Transport Documents

There should be different documents in road transportation, as in other transportation methods. These documents are important to ensure the safety of the transported goods and to ensure that the details of the goods can be learned more easily during the customs passed along the way. Well, what are the road transport documents?

Documents used in road transport are listed as follows:

  • Land Transport Certificate
  • Packet Mail Receipt
  • Truck Carnet
  • FIATA Consignment Documents
  • Shipper's Receipt

The documents given above are the documents that all companies that want to transport goods over the road must fill out. For this reason, care should be taken in the preparation of the documents and all the information requested from the companies should be given in full. So what are the given documents and for what purpose are they used?

What is a Road Transport Document?

The road transport document is the document used in all goods transport works using large vehicles such as trucks and lorries. The road transport document is a mandatory document for all international transports. The road transport document is issued within the framework of the Commercial Goods Route Agreement. The burden on the document The information of the sending and receiving companies, the information about the load and the information of the carrier company are included. The details of the transportation and the contents of the product should also be included in the document.

Land transport document in general, all kinds of things that may happen to the transported product; product against the problem; It is a document that guarantees. For this reason, the complete expression of the information about the product and the companies during its arrangement will provide a protection against any damages that may occur to the transported product. In cases where some or all of the transported goods are lost or damaged on the way, all responsibilities between the carrier logistics company and the buyer company are included on the road transport document. Prepared documents are three It is issued in the form of copies and two of these are kept by the buyer and the sender company, and one of them is by the logistics company that carries out the transportation.

What is a Parcel Mail Receipt?

Packet mail receipt is the document that must be issued in case the goods to be sent abroad are sent by mail. In order for the prepared mail to be delivered directly to the receiving company, a parcel post receipt must be prepared. After the prepared package is delivered to the Postal Administration, a postal receipt containing the shipment details is received in return.

What is Truck Carnet?

The TIR Carnet is one of the mandatory documents that the carrier company must have. The full and empty weight of the vehicle belonging to the logistics company that will carry out the transportation, as well as the vehicle's license plate number and company information should be placed on the truck carnet.

While the curb weight of the vehicle that will carry out the transport should be included in the truck report card, at the same time, the vehicle's curb weight should be included. After loading, the full weight should also be measured. After the full and empty weights are determined, the company information of the vehicle and the vehicle; The license plate number should also be recorded on the TIR Carnet.

There is no problem for the goods to come out of the customs in the transportations made without the truck card. However, since vehicles that do not have a truck carnet will not be allowed to leave the customs fully loaded, in such cases, transportation should be made by another vehicle with a truck carnet.

What is FIATA Receipt Certificate?

FIATA Acceptance Certificate is a document prepared specifically for road transport. In order to use FIATA documents, which can also be used instead of the transporter's receipt, you must first become a member of FIATA and then obtain a license. The FIATA document, which is prepared after the license is obtained, contains detailed information about the transported cargo and must be found with the goods during transportation. After the transportation of the goods, the original copy of the FIATA document must be delivered to the importer company that received the goods.

What is Shipper's Receipt?

While it is obligatory to use the freight forwarder's receipt in railway transportation, it is also frequently preferred in road transportation. In road transport, the transporter's receipt is issued by the logistics company that carries out the transport of the goods. If the transportation of goods is carried out directly by the export company itself, the carrier document should be prepared by the company.

During the transportation of the goods, the exporter company delivers all the documents required for the transportation of the goods and the receipt of the goods to the logistics company. In return for the receipt, the transporter's receipt, which is prepared that the transportation will be carried out through the logistics company, is delivered to the export company by the logistics company. The documents containing the details of the transportation will be replaced by the carrier's receipt.

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