What is your advice to students who have just graduated in the field of logistics and want to work in this field?

You will always see different business solutions in different companies in the logistics sector. Therefore, wherever you go in the logistics sector, you will always see new ways of working and concepts. Our advice is to learn the Most Basic topics well. Always stay curious and open to learning. And gain work experience in different departments in different logistics sectors and companies. Examine the systems carefully. Ask what systems are made for, the benefits of that concept, why it is used, the problems, and what solutions are employed. In this way, you will understand the event more clearly and it will be permanent.

What is the C Document Used in Logistics?

C Certificate is given to those who will only carry out transportation in their own field and will not carry out transportation for commercial purposes with the vehicle or vehicles registered and registered commercially in the name of the recipient.

Types of C Document;

C1 Document: International and domestic goods transportation related to its own occupation.

C2 Certificate: International and Domestic Commercial Goods Transportation.

C3 Certificate: International and Domestic Home/Office Transportation.

Do I Have to Take Insurance for the Package I Will Send?

Cargo insurance is not mandatory, but having it is a wise business decision. International shipping involves a complex chain of service providers across multiple countries, sometimes through multiple jurisdictions. The vast majority of this process runs smoothly. However, if something goes wrong, it's important to have cargo insurance to protect your business.

International cargo liability laws are complex and in some cases, shippers may be liable for losses due to the other carrier's cargo under the general average rule.

What is the minimum order in logistics?

You can easily send your shipment to anywhere in the world. We do not have a minimum order amount for products that we carry, whether it is an envelope or a large parcel.

How to calculate shipping cost?

Shipping costs depend on the shipping methods and options you choose.

Expedited transport and urgent items are more than normal shipping cost.

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